• The information of Azmol's community 5th anniversary tournament

    2019-08-25 19:00


    1. Schedule

    2019/10/5(Sat) 24:00 Deadline for participation

    2019/10/6 (Sunday) 18: 00- Opening Ceremony
    The competition starts as soon as the opening ceremony ends
    2019/10/13 (Sun)-24:00 End of competition
    Deadline for accepting screenshots ~ 24: 30

    2019/10/14 (Sunday) 19: 00- Closing ceremony

    2. Eligibility

    ・ Does not matter if there is a broadcast.
    ・ Persons who can use Skype, Twitter, or Discord (to use for communication etc.).
    ・ Person who execute Aiwana normally.
    ・ Person who can keep these rules.
    ・ Person who may be disadvantaged by not being able to read Japanese. There are explanations in Japanese.

    3. Content

    In the first-time tournament using the first-view AIWANA produced by Mega Billy for this tournament,
    Compete in the internal time taken to clear.
    If the time is the same,the less you die, the higher you are ranked.
    If the number of deaths is the same, the ranking will be the same.
    In this tournament, those who have broadcasting and those who do not broadcast will be ranked separately.
    (This may not be performed if few people participate)

    4). rule

    Common to all participants
    -It is prohibited to forcibly terminate Aiwana from the task manager without using the Esc key.
    -Both keyboard and gamepad are acceptable.
    -Use of external tools is prohibited. (Decompiler, save correction tool, etc.)
    ・ There is no blaze machine for both jump and shot.
    ・ Being a first-time play (play only once).
    ・ Do not watch other participants' broadcasts before sending screenshots.
    ・ Playing across days is OK.
    ・ About result report
    * In case of clear, after defeating the last boss, the epilogue → staff roll → result screen will be displayed and a screenshot will be taken automatically. (The captured file name is displayed at the bottom right of the screen)
    * If you could not clear during the competition and if you want to retire, press [F9] in the last saved area and take a screenshot.
    * Regarding the screenshot for the result report, please change the file name of the saved screenshot to the name you applied to the tournament and submit it to the operation. (If the name cannot be used for the file name, please let us know)
    * Please be careful not to lose the play time and the number of deaths in the screenshot when clearing. If not clear, please add the number of deaths at the time of submission.
    * If you make a mistake in the name, please send the screenshot after changing its name to your name.

    Broadcaster only
    ・ Nico Live may be allowed to mirror, so broadcast publicly.
    ・ Please keep the broadcast archive.

    5). Notes

    Common to all participants
    This is related to “I wanna be the Normal human!” And “I wanna be the Normal human!”. Please note that there are some advantages.
    ・ Play after the second lap during the tournament period will be possible after submitting and confirming the screenshot to the management.
    ・ Even if Kid died, the play time measurement will not stop. To stop on the way, use [P] to display the pause screen. ("Measurement stopped" displayed at the bottom left of the screen is a guide)
    -Death number will be added even if you restart while Kid is alive.
    -In some areas, [R] is not a restart. (There is an explanation in the corresponding area)
    -Pan is set for some SEs.
    ・ Please be careful not to spoiler on SNS during the tournament period.
    ・ We have been playing the test carefully, but if there are any bugs or clogging saves, please contact us.

    Broadcaster only
    ・ Please warn viewers not to comment on hints or considerations.

    6). Application for participation

    1. name
    2. URL of broadcast site (Please enter from http: //) (only for broadcasters)
    3. Enthusiasm (no need)
    4. Thumbnails for introducing participants (not necessary)

    Fill in the four
    SkypeID: azmolmol
    TwitterID: AZ_mol1129 (For Twitter, please ask DM!)
    DiscordID: あずもる#3594
    Please apply to.
    The deadline is 2/10/2019 (Sat) 24:00 the day before the competition starts.

    Finally, feel free to use the following template for advertising.

  • 広告
  • 第3回あずもるコミュ5周年記念大会のお知らせ

    2019-08-25 19:00
    For overseas→ar1803684


     2019/10/5(土) 24:00 参加募集〆切り

     2019/10/6 (日) 18:00~ 開会式
     2019/10/13(日) ~24:00 競技終了
              ~24:30 スクリーンショットの受け付け締め切り

     2019/10/14(月) 19:00~ 閉会式











    ・同シリーズのアイワナ「I wanna be the Normal human!」および「I wanna be the Normal human! 2」に関わる内容となっております。一部有利になる箇所がありますので予めご了承ください。



      2.放送するサイトのURL(http:// から記入してください)(放送有の方のみ)

        skypeID : azmolmol
     〆切りは競技開始前日、2019/10/5(土) 24:00です。



     2019/10/5(土) 24:00 大会参加締め切り<br>
     2019/10/6(日) 18:00~ 開会式<br>
    10/13(日) ~24:00 競技終了<br>
          ~24:30 スクショの受け付け締め切り<br><br>

     2019/10/14(月) 19:00~ 閉会式<br><br>

     主催 :あずもる(co2566438)<br>
     詳細 :<br>

  • Random Game!でプレイしたアイワナ 2ndシーズン

    2019-05-01 18:09



    第1回  I Wanna Potato 2 clear! クリア数1
    第2回  I wanna be the Singularity clear! クリア数2
    第3回  I Wanna Escape The Hell Temple clear! クリア数3
    第4回  I wanna be the YAMRT clear! クリア数4
    第5回  I wanna challenge the Needle Fight pass;; クリア数4
    第6回  I wanna challenge 100 trials!! easy ver! clear! クリア数5
    第7回  上下針でタヒぬ奴とかww clear! リア数6
    第8回  I Wanna GACHIMUCHI clear! クリア数7
    第9回  I wanna be the mission clear! クリア数8
    第10回 I wanna be the Baka clear! クリア数9
    第11回 I wanna go the magical journey clear! クリア数10 pass権+1
    第12回 I wanna break Things into Pieces  clear! クリア数11 
    第13回 I wanna be the Balloon clear! クリア数12
    第14回 I wanna kill the Wolfgang Jojo Nicholson clear! クリア数13
    第15回 I wanna beat the Magic Jump 3 clear! クリア数14
    第16回 I wanna be Ivijulsc clear! クリア数15

    第17回 I Wanna Be The Drunk 2 clear! クリア数16
    第18回 I wanna beat the hurtful pain tower clear!
    第19回 I Wanna Be The BDBDFlower pass;; クリア数17 pass権-1
    第20回 I wanna be the hari2 clear! クリア数18
    第21回 I wanna play REALLY GOOD i wanna be the xxxxx clear! クリア数19
    第22回 I wanna clear FT clear! クリア数20 pass権+1
    第23回 I wanna be the simple 10 series vol.5 clear! クリア数21
    第24回 I wanna find the fne time clear! クリア数22
    第25回 I Want To Hear The Southern Cross clear! クリア数23
    第26回 I wanna be the Denegeration clear! クリア数24
    第27回 I wanna Poppi Pipo Papo clear! クリア数25
    第28回 I wanna be the Penguin clear! クリア数26
    第29回 I wanna be the corner jump clear! クリア数27
    第30回 I wanna defeat the UID pass;; クリア数27 pass権-1
    第31回 I wanna be the Producer clear! クリア数28
    第32回 I wanna be the beginner action ! clear! クリア数29
    第33回 I wanna be the ぽんこっつー clear! クリア数30 pass権+1
    第34回 I wanna be the Shape clear! クリア数31
    第35回 Not Another VVVVVV Game clear! クリア数32
    第36回 Pink clear! クリア数33
    第37回 I wanna do Escapism clear! クリア数34
    第38回 I wanna be the H clear! クリア数35
    第39回 I Wanna Conquer this Winter! clear! クリア数36

    第40回 I wanna fly the Kite clear! クリア数37
     あいわなびーざしるえっと!! clear! クリア数38
    第42回 I wanna be the DIVA -extend- clear!
    第43回 Christmas deliveries clear! クリア数40 pass権+1
    第44回 I wanna be the TARO Trap easy mode clear! クリア数41

    第45回 I Wanna Defeat The Pixels  clear! クリア数42
    第46回 I wanna be the RIOT!  clear! クリア数43
    第47回 I wanna kill the V  clear! クリア数44
    第48回 I wanna skim the milk clear! クリア数45
    第49回 I wanna end my eternal hunt for a true waifu  clear! クリア数46
    第50回 I wanna be the 斜め針祭り!いろは clear! クリア数47
    第51回 1時間アイワナ! by 藻類 その3 clear! クリア数48
    第52回 I Wanna Transition Into The Ghost Realm clear! クリア数49
    第53回 I wanna challenge you clear! クリア数50 pass権+1
    第54回 I wanna see the white black dream clear! クリア数51
    第55回 I wanna withering morning glory clear! クリア数52

    第56回 I wanna be the TARO Trapss clear! クリア数53
    第57回 I wanna be the TTM2 clear! クリア数54
    第58回 I wanna be the agile cat
     現在挑戦中! 残りpass:5