2019-10-28 04:23

    【2019.10.28 Update】

      Terms of Use for the MikuMikuDance Model Data produced by 碧彩おもち.
      These conditions take precedence over conditions contained in the model data.
      Please refer to this common agreement before using it
      These rules are subject to change without notice.

     *These are newest rules.*
      Read and agree with ALL these rules before using these MikuMikuDance Model Data.
      If you don't agree with these rules,or if you don't understand any part of these
      rules,you are NOT allowed to use these Data.

      You use these data in own risk. I don't bear responsible for any failure when you use.
      These data may not be used for any works which contain negative content toward
      the original product, individual, &/or group.

      I have the copyright of my data as the derivative works.
      I NEVER renounce the copyright of the derivative works.
      I NEVER allow anyone to redistribute.
      Distribution other than my uploader are illegal.
      Don't download from there. 


      1.Don't claim the model as your own. 
      2.You are NOT permitted to sell this MMD Model data in ANY format,
       whether digital or in print. This MMD Model data may only be used for
       non-profit purposes.
      3.You are not allowed to create another MMD Model by using parts of this
       MMD Model Data.

      4.Commercial, Political Religion use.
      5.No pornographic work (a.k.a.Porn, R-18, X-Rated, R-Rated, 18+, etc)
      6.Do not upload works containing YAOI/YURI elements to a location where
       they can be shared with others. (Please enjoy it personally on your computer.)
      7.Use for insult to others, other organizations and/or other countries.
      8.Use for excessively Political, Religion, Vulgarity and Obscenity.
      9.Redistributing, Re-uploading, Trading, and Sending my models.
      10. 3D printing from these data.
      11.MMD model data of KanColle/Kantai Collection, Kamen Rider ,Ultraman
        cannot be used in VRChat.

      If you find this MMD Model Data re-distributed by anyone other than
      me "aoiomoti" on a website,I would greatly appreciate it if you could
      ask them to delete it.

      If you see a work that violates the terms of this model data,
      please ask that person to delete the work. Thank you for your cooperation.

      If you have any questions, please send a message to Twitter.
      Twitter ID:@aoiomoti

     MikuMikuDance Model created by :碧彩おもち