MMD - final battle



MMD - final battle

2017-03-24 10:55
    XD - What a stupid title (^^ ') -

    Big update for my model and OC "Goren" which needed a little change ^^
    I spent almost 2 days to modify my model and it is not finished yet.

    I took the opportunity to create the model "Kakarotto" according to my idea and coming from my fanfic Dragon Ball Universe.

    It's almost like a fantasy for me to create a bad goku. But I do not know if I will really integrate this part bad "saiyan" of Goku in my story.

    Well yes because in my vision there must be a balance, a nice goku and a bad Vegeta. Can be in the future goku will become the bad saiyan Kakarot? I will see that...

    otherwise, for the whole image "crappy", I wanted to give an effect and style more important. As in the American films, I like the american films but in moderation and not that it becomes anything WTF (o-O') XD

    For newcomers who discovers my new character MMD, you're probably wondering...
    - who is Goren and what does she do with Goku?
    - What's all this work?
    - Did I miss an episode of Friends?


    Uh to answer you ...

    - to know who Goren is, it happens here=>>

    - this is called "crappy" art... no I joke, this is a fantasy view of my fanfic Dragon Ball Universe, if Goku change to 100% (because yes it will changed later !!)

    - As for the episode, I do not know, I have not seen the last episode LOL !!!

    Here I think I have said everything ...