[english] Oneachanchan version AGEVO2016



[english] Oneachanchan version AGEVO2016

2016-07-16 20:55

    Hey guys!!

    the fighting game i'm working on, has been used for a tornament in
    Ageo City, Saitama called AGEVO.

    so as a memorial,
    i've uploaded a playable demo; the same version used in the tornament.

    password : kengan

    since the program is made from a old game engine,
    and contains japanese letters,
    you may experience technical difficulties,
    depending on the system you run it on.
    i can't help you with that for now, but will be a huge issue for
    further versions.

    even if the program runs safetly,
    you might have problems with which button to press, and so on.

    i don't even know where to start explaining,
    so feel free to comment on anything,
    such as error on this-- error on that--

    even so, since you are so geeky enough to be playing indie games
    such as this one right here,
    i believe youare also skilled enough to overcome your problems.

    have a nice day.