Konomi cup 2021 "Extend" (このみ杯Extend) Announcement in English



Konomi cup 2021 "Extend" (このみ杯Extend) Announcement in English

2021-01-24 23:32
    [English] / 日本語

    ~~What's the Konomi cup 2021?~~
     This is a game tournament held by Konomiani every year.
     This year will be the 6th year.
     This game tournament is competed in multiple games.
     You can participate in all, or you can participate in only one of them.



        twitch channnel is here


       Konomi imouto


    ~~Competition list and rules~~
    Posted on this page

    ~~List of participants~~
    Posted on this page

    ~~Tournament results~~
    Posted on this page Published after the tournament

    This schedule is subject to change at the convenience of the organizer.
    All times listed in this schedule are Japan time (UTC + 9).

    Questions will be accepted at any time.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Discord or twitter.
    In that case, please ask in the language you usually use.
    (If you translate it into Japanese and ask a question, you may not be able to communicate.)

    If the contents of the English page and the Japanese page are different,
    the information on the Japanese page shall be correct.

    ~~Application for participation~~

    Click here for application form
    (Application for participation will start on December 30th.)

    Players who have achieved good results will be presented with a gift card that can be used at Amazon Japan.

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    ~~Application for participation~~
    You cannot apply for participation in games that require Japanese.
    Please install it as it uses Discord as a means of contact.
    Application for participation will start from the end of December 2020.

    Thank you for watching (^0^)