English Essay Practice: Urbanization Had a Positive Effect on Japan①



English Essay Practice: Urbanization Had a Positive Effect on Japan①

2016-08-09 11:00

    I started this blomaga to enhance my English writing. I'm studying for the next EIKEN Grade 1 scheduled on October 10, 2016. In every article, I set one topic debatable, and then I write both an affirmative opinion and a negative one.

    Topic: Has urbanization had a positive effect on Japanese society? (The topic of the 3rd EIKEN test in 2014)

    [Negative View]

    -Notes in brainstorming

    ・Polarization has made bigger economic gap between urban areas and rural ones.
    -・People have moved to cities seeking jobs.
    -・In rural districts there lived a small number of people.
    -・Because of small population, commerce has snailed, earnings of people living there becomes low, tax which goes to the government along with earnings from people there goes down

    ・The more cities have been urbanized, the more problems specific there have occurred: rise in crime rate, pollution, garbage problem and so on.
    -・That many people live does not always mean good.
    -・Crime rate, pollution, heavy traffic

    ・As rural areas have been abandoned, agriculture has been declined resulting in lower food supply.
    -・Low food supply problem is serious.
    -・Once the price of food rises, the economy gets serious damage.
    -・Many years ago, when rice crop was very little, Japan imported a large amount of rice from foreign countries.
    -・In unstable situation, price is also unstable, meaning in most cases it goes up. People have trouble buying high price food.

    (Main Sentences)
     I don't think urbanization has had a positive effect on Japanese society. I will make three points about that.

     First, urbanization has proceeded polarization between urban areas and rural ones, and as a result the economic gap has been broadened. People have gone to cities seeking jobs, and then only a small number of people have remained in rural areas. The commerce in rural areas has became dull, taxation giving proper public services lowered. Rural lives eventually have been hard.

     Second, more city problems have emerged. The more dense cities become, the higher crime rate gets, the heavier traffic turns, and the more garbage problems occur. While urbanization has been regarded to improve people's lives, actually it has done damage to the lives in cities. Looking at the level of daily lives, the reality has been different from that of theoretical economic ones.

     Third, as urbanization has reduced the rural population, Japanese food supply has got serious damage. Many years ago, when rice crop was very bad, Japan imported a large amount of rice from foreign countries. Because of this, anxiety spread, and prices of food became unstable, meaning mostly they went up. If Japan had capitalized into rural areas, agriculture would have been more stable, and such confusion would not have happened.

     From these considerations above, I don't agree that urbanization has always influenced positively on Japan. Rather I believe it has affected negatively.
    (238 words)

    At last, I compacted my essay within 240 words. I am satisfied with the content for now. Through this, I grasped the sense of what amount of writing is within 240 words. The next problem is time.