English Essay Practice: Shoot Drug Dealers on the Spot②



English Essay Practice: Shoot Drug Dealers on the Spot②

2016-08-18 11:00

    I started this blomaga to enhance my English writing. I'm studying for the next EIKEN Grade 1 scheduled on October 10, 2016. In every article, I set one topic debatable, and then I write both an affirmative opinion and a negative one.

    Topic: Should it be justified to kill drug dealers on the spot in the countries where drug has seriously prevailed? (from recent news)

    [Negative View]

    -Notes in brainstorming

    ・Mis-shoot. Innocent are killed.

    ・Without proper procedure, lynching occurs.

    ・Root causes will not change, so the situation will not change.

    (Main Sentences)
     Even if the drug problem is socially serious, killing without proper and legal procedure must not be justified. It has many kinds of error that cannot be corrected.

     First, innocent people are being mis-shot. In a modern democratic nation, the freedom of people should be guaranteed in the first place as long as they do not intervene others' rights. The wrongly shot innocent are the very ones. It is against the role of government to help people pursue their own happiness.

     Second, killing without proper procedure causes lynching with which people of evil mind want to just satisfy themselves. In fact, not only the police but also private security groups are shooting doubtful criminals, even though the shooters are not sure that the doubt are actually concerning drug crime. Punishment must be done only by the government, not by individuals.

     Third, I think the situation is not going to change after the current president's retire even though his policy apparently seems to be showing some effect. That's because the true root cause of drug problems is not be removed. In other words, if people are not educated socially and traditionally, due to the national character people are going to continue the same evil cycle in the future. The present measure is the one just for now.

     The tremendous public murder should be criticized. It is just a neglect of human dignity.
    (234 words)

    Writing takes 30 minutes every time. After I write an essay, I don't reread it. So, I am not conscious of what is bad about the logic or what can be improved about the expressions in it. A while after I will look back at what I will have written, feeling like reading someone's black notebook of junior-high second grade.

    lynching: "私"刑