English Essay Practice: Town Revitalization by Cartoons①



English Essay Practice: Town Revitalization by Cartoons①

2016-08-19 11:00

    I started this blomaga to enhance my English writing. I'm studying for the next EIKEN Grade 1 scheduled on October 10, 2016. In every article, I set one topic debatable, and then I write both an affirmative opinion and a negative one.

    Topic: Does revitalization by popular cartoons have a positive effect on the town?

    [Affirmative View]

    -Notes in brainstorming

    ・More visitors, more money.

    ・Each success leads to the Japanese entire vitalization by its sub-cultures.

    ・Good example stimulate other kind of revitalization.

    (Main Sentences)
     I agree that revitalization by animated cartoons has a positive effect on the town. It is just as good as by other local features.

     First, a popular cartoon invites its fans to the town, and their monetary contribution is huge. The fans want to see the famous places which show up in the cartoons, buy the various goods as souvenirs. They are so freak to the cartoons that they tend to accompany with as many friends as possible. Behind one fan, there is more than a single business chance.

     Second, to make Japan famous for its subcultures, each successful example is important. Shortly, a town's revitalization is, in a sense, a grass-root movement to spread Japan's attracts in the world. The more towns are revitalized by cartoons, the more famous they are through the mass media. Not only Japanese but also foreigners will visit there. This is a mechanism where Japan is vitalized.

     Third, if many towns are revitalized by cartoons, it stimulates other towns which do not have any related cartoons but other local attracts. They regard the cartoon revitalization as a good example, learn the know-hows, and apply them. Thanks to credible successes, assistant institutions, like banks or prestige companies, become more willing to give a hand.

     Thus, even a few successes of town revitalizations by cartoons affect the whole nation positively. Cartoons are now not only moving the audience, but also Japan itself.
    (240 words)

    I am getting used to writing an essay, and in terms of time, I become able to finish within around 30 minutes, which is enough. Then, what I must to tackle on is to sophisticate the sentences. I need to be attentive to sharp words and phrases, more persuasive logic, and more understandable scenarios. As the time management is not so concerning matter to me for now, in the coming several times, I will take some more time to write an essay in the purpose of composing delicately.

    subculture: サブカルチャー
    cartoon: マンガ、アニメ
    town revitalization: 町おこし
    know-how: ノウハウ
    success: 成功
    prestige: 権威のある
    souvenir: 土産
    persuasive: 説得力のある
    scenario: シナリオ