English Essay Practice: Hokkaido Divided②



English Essay Practice: Hokkaido Divided②

2016-08-24 11:00

    I started this blomaga to enhance my English writing. I'm studying for the next EIKEN Grade 1 scheduled on October 10, 2016. In every article, I set one topic debatable, and then I write both an affirmative opinion and a negative one.

    Topic: Should Hokkaido Prefecture be divided into several prefectures? (from recent news)

    [Negative View]

    -Notes in brainstorming

    ・Less tax, worse services, due to smaller population

    ・Political cooperation will be difficult

    ・Against broader local governing

    (Main Sentences)
     I disagree that Hokkaido Prefecture should be divided into parts.

     First, the smaller a "rural" government becomes, the worse its public services become. The quality of public service is determined by how much tax can be used. As tax is gathered from the citizens, if Hokkaido is divided, all of them will have less population and consequently gain less tax. Keeping the good public services with enough money is better.

     Second, wide development will be difficult. Hokkaido is very large, so some political actions must be done in a vast scale and at the same time. For example, roads can work well only when they are paved without intermission. Divided prefectures will be an obstacle to cooperate together.

     Third, dividing Hokkaido is inconsistent with the current political stream of broader local governing. The central government is thinking of distributing its excessively enlarged authority to local communities. The trend is that necessary policies should be decided and carried out by the local, not by Tokyo. The smaller Hokkaido will have difficulty about self-decision making duo to the minimized budget.

     As currently Hokkaido is doing well, I do not think change is needed. I hope that it will continue to grow as it is.
    (203 words)

    This is the best article of all that I have ever written. The time, the content, the logic, the word choice, the simple and efficient expressions and the number of words of this essay satisfied me to some extent. If I can continue to write with this quality, I want to move on having my essays checked by professionals.

    obstacle: 障害
    broader-based local government: 広域行政
    cooperation: 協力
    corporate: 法人の
    corporation: 法人
    consistent: 首尾一貫した
    budget: 予算
    intermission: 中断
    intermit: 中断する
    intermittent: 中断した