Are we living in a fair society? (Agree)



Are we living in a fair society? (Agree)

2017-05-05 20:52

    Are we living in a fair society?

    Capital gap between the rich and poor.

    Equal chances of education.

    Guaranteed social security.

    Japan is said to be a safe and peaceful country by many foreigners, and when I take such opinion, I definitely agree that we are living in a fair county from the following three aspects.

    First, Japan has proven to be a country where economical gap between the rich and the poor is the smallest of all OECD nations. Great economical gap among people results in that what kind of family you are born to will influentially determine your future. For example, in Britain there still remain some descendants of ancient aristocrats who have no need to work to earn money, whose living standard is quiet different from that of other average people.

    Second, Japan has a fair education system. It offers equal educational chance to whoever lives in Japan regardless of their social class, race, religion and so on. In the world, there are some countries where not all children can get proper education. One example is China, where only children living in urban districts are allowed to go to school and those in rural are not.

    Lastly, anyone living in Japan can get attentive social security when they need it. Even when you become seriously ill and unable to work, you can keep living healthy thanks to the governmental aid. In a truly fair nation, not only those who are completely healthy, strong, or competent but also those who are rather unhealthy, weak, or incompetent would lead their lives without trouble. Japanese well-designed social security makes it possible.

    Everyone is born with different background, and sometimes such background, which we cannot control by ourselves, might be obstacle in way of our future. However, Japanese social system is, at least, aimed to be designed for minimizing it.