My AOT models' rules



My AOT models' rules

2013-08-22 05:30
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Last updated on 2018/10/13
These terms of use (“TERMS”) are for you, user to download and use the 3D model data (“DATA”) which are created and owned by me, SetsunagaoP as a Model Designer (“MODELER”).
By using DATA, you totally agree to TERMS.
These TERMS affect your legal rights and obligations.
If you disagree with TERMS, then, do not download or use DATA.

-At the beginning -
Use of DATA is on your own responsibility.
Under any circumstances caused by your use of DATA, MODELER will not be liable for any loss, damage or lost profit
MODELER reserves the right to stop distributing or using DATA without notice.

DATA is just a Fan-art, the Second creation that is no concern with the Copyright holder.
If MODELER receive the advice from the Copyright holder, the instant action such as stopping the distribution, or the use of DATA may be considered.

Contents of TERMS may be amended from time to time.
The updated information will be announced by twitter or blomaga.
Updated and last TERMS are effective immediately.
Please find the latest TERMS at this site

To Reveal and pass the download password of DATA to others is strictly forbidden.


TERMS - you must comply with

1. Allowed - what you can do
1-1 Use and create such as videos or still images and present them.
1-2 Use your artwork created with DATA as a social media icon or header except the use for the imitator account or the adult contains account.
1-3 Hand over the edited DATA between members for the joint work. For that purpose, all members must have the original DATA in advance.
1-4 Use DATA for the virtual reality headset such as the Oculus at the Non-Profitable event. Please contact for the permission to MODELER by twitter.
1-5 Use for the expression such as being injury or bleeding.
However, respect the expression level of the Primary source and mind your artwork always with the special notice
1-6 Use for romance or love expression.
If your expression is beyond the Primary source, please put the special notice for the audience and give them the opportunity to choose according to taste.
1-7 Trace the Model and create the artwork such as the still image. You can participate in events like “One Hour Drawing” with it unless this kind of tracing, Tertiary artwork is forbidden by the event regulations. But, be informed that DATA is not tested or guaranteed for this purpose.
1-8 Use for the creation of the name card in private such as an offline meeting but not in business.

2.Forbidden - what you cannot do
2-1 No use for politic, R-18, R-18G, and contrary to public morality.
2-2 No sale of DATA. No use or no participation for commercial or profitable act.2-3 No re-distribution of DATA no matter how it is edited or not.
2-4 No use of 3D printing without permission and for ”Niconisolid” site.
2-5 No use as an Avatar for games such as “VRChat”.
2-6 No DATA uploading on the site that is accessible by outsiders.
2-7 Refer to the mantle of AOT, the use without adjusting the physical operation such as the arm break through is forbidden .

3.DATA editions
3-1 Adjusting with other parts such as distributed clothes or adding extra bones, morphs etc. for DATA are allowed except “the mantle of the AOT” DATA.
3-2 Never edit DATA to change the character into another one.
3-3 Ripping DATA and using it as additional part for another model of MODELER is allowed, but not for any models created by other model designers.
See below (see 4.) for further details of some available DATA items even for other models such as weapons.
3-4 Never edit DATA to merge with the one of the same character model which is created by the other model designer.
3-5 Never transform the gender of the character.

4.DATA items, available for another model.
4.The following items such as accessories and effects are available even for any models of other model designers.
4-1 Robin Hood : The Yew bow/ The blue bird(Lost Robin Rondo)
4-2 Arash : The bow
4-3 Merlin : The cane/ The eye shader effect / FloorLightArt effect* / ActiveParticleObj effect*
*You require the preparation in advance to get the ideal effect result.

5 Credit me
5-1 You must credit me in your artwork, "SetsunagaoP" or “StngP”, when using my DATA.


-At the end -
Please be informed that the use which is not the above-mentioned is basically forbidden.
If you are not sure about the use, then, do not use DATA or contact MODELER.

Among README texts written in several language versions, the Japanese one and TERMS in Japanese have a top priority. Other language versions are for the user’s reference only.

Twitter ID:stngP
再このモデルのデータをアップロードしていただきありがとうございますが、YouTube でこのユーザーのことを注意してください:

Hi! I'm not japanese, sorry xD I'm from Chile.
I come only to tell you that there are many people in using your models, in specific to Shingeki, and editing are using to make images Yaoi. The people, maybe, don't read the rules or reads and ignores. I am very angry about those people who break the rules.

So I wanted to comment, so you're aware of this
I'm pretty sure what they meant was, if it's a homosexual relationship then it's alright, but anything like straight up yaoi "sex" then it's strictly forbidden. Atleast that's what I got from it.
Some people probably already break the rules, cause i have seen on many about sex or more like that.. But i agree with the rules! :)
Ok i agree