Demon's Souls Dragon Bone Smasher Real Time Attack 3rd Competition



Demon's Souls Dragon Bone Smasher Real Time Attack 3rd Competition

2018-04-07 00:24

    Demon's Souls Dragon Bone Smasher
    Real Time Attack 3rd Competition

                                   (5th May. UPDATED)

    1. CONCEPT

    Even though the online service of Demon's Souls is closed, we still can fully enjoy!We want you to enjoy real time attack (RTA, Speedrun) with the Dragon Bone Smasher (DBS)!

    Result of the 2nd competition -> ar1182257


    During 3 hours described in Paragraph 3, the runners compete the time (hereafter “completion time”) from START to COMPLETION, and broadcast their run. The runners can restart and/or additionally try (a new game after game completion) any number of times in the competition time. Every runner has to state their fastest completion time before the competition. If the runner betters his completion time in the competition, he will be ranked based on "Completion time - 10 minutes".

    The opening ceremony, results announcement and closing ceremony will be held at the organizer’s channel.

    Moreover, runners can participate by TS (Time-shift (Niconico)) or other recorded video of their broadcasting. But the runners won’t be ranked formally in that case. (But might be shown in the ranking list as reference.)


      12th (SAT) May, 2018 (GMT+9)

      16:30-17:00 Start of Broadcasting (the organizer and runners),
             Opening ceremony and Rule Explanation

      17:00-20:00 Competition Time

      20:00-20:30 Announcement of Results, and Closing Ceremony


    4-1. RTA

    4-1-1 Completion Time Measurement and Report

    You have to measure the completion time from START (when the NEW GAME is selected) to COMPLETION (when the last items are displayed) by the timer within the competition time (17:00 -20:00, 12th May, 2018). You can restart and/or additionally try any number of times within the competition time. It is strongly recommended to run again from tutorial (not NG+1) if you finished earlier. You cannot stop or reset the timer except at completion or restart.

    If you could not complete during the competition time, your result will be “no record”. When you complete, you have to report your completion time to the organizer immediately at every completion with your stated communication tool. Your prompt report would be highly appreciated.

    4-1-2. Definition of DBS RTA of This Competition

    Start from the tutorial, damage the all bosses (except Phalanx, Armor Spider, Flamelurker, Dragon God, Adjudicator, Vanguard, Storm King and optional bosses. In World 5-3, either Astraea or Garl Vinland) by 1 or more hits with Dragon Bone Smasher (both hands) in the status of Strength 20 or more, and complete the game. Any weapons, any magic spells and miracle spells are available anywhere. Skipping Armor Spider and Old Hero using glitches are prohibited.

    4-1-3 Personal Best Breaking Bonus

    If a runner breaks his personal best time, he will be ranked based on [his completion time - 10 minutes]


      Mr. A who holds his best time [1hr30min] finished in 1hr20min
      --> Ranked based on 1hr10min

      Mr. B who holds his best time [1hr10min] finished in 1hr20min
      --> Ranked based on 1hr20min

      Therefore Mr. A is ranked higher than Mr. B.

    Every runner has to run at least once (no need to broadcast while running), and declare the best completion time. And if the runner renewed his best completion time before the competition, he has to report his new record to the organizer immediately.

    4-1-4 Other rules

     -You can load profile during the run.

     -The maps can be preloaded.

     -No item duplications on purpose.

     -You can ignore the lack of mobs in World 1-1

     -You can run with SSD with no handicaps.

     -Any version (Disk, DL, PSnow, any language) is available.

     -You have to display the timer on the screen.


    4-2-1 Outline of Broadcasting on the Day

    Any broadcasting site is acceptable. If you will broadcast on Niconico, please make the reservation (waku) from 16:30. (It is better to extend the broadcasting time to 6 hours so that not to miss the extending.) The end of the broadcasting should be 20:30 or later.

    4-2-2 Time-shift Participation (Recorded video participation)

    "I won't able to broadcast on the day..... But I want to run!!!"
    As the concept above, we hope that as many people as possible can enjoy DBS RTA.
    If you will run in accordance with the rules of this competition in consecutive 3 hours period at anytime between 6th to 11th May with recording of your broadcasting, your completion time will be ranked as a reference record in the competition result.
    Please entry as "Time-shift participant" (See Paragraph 5. ENTRY)

    4-2-3 Display and Others on the Screen at Broadcasting

    [1] Title of Broadcasting

    Please set your broadcasting title as

    your nameThe 3rd Demon's souls DBS RTA competitionyour best time


    Please display the timer on the screen.

    [3]Tag setting

    Please set the tag as 竜骨RTA大会 (If you broadcast on Niconico)


    Videos including your play might be created and uploaded. If it will be problem with you, please contact the organizer.

    5. ENTRY

    Entry deadline is 23:59:59 5th May (GMT+9)

    Please contact in person to Tama (Organizer たま@ぐーすけ co1022276 (Niconico))

    Twitter @tama_poke2525
    Discord たま@ぐーすけ#4577

    (or by any other contact way )

    with your information below

    On-the-day participant
     1. Broadcasting URL (such as Niconico Community, Youtube etc)
     3. Personal best time
     4. Contact address (communication tool) to report your completion time.

    Time-shift participant
     1. Broadcasting URL (such as Niconico Community, Youtube etc)
     2. Declaration of Time-shift participation
     3. Name
     4. Personal best time
     5. Contact address (communication tool) to report your completion time.
     6. Date and time of the recording (consecutive 3 hours period at anytime
      between 6th to 11th May) with your GMT(Greenwich Mean Time)

    The number of participants is not limited! Please feel free to entry!


    Please do not tell the completion time to other runners. Please do not give advices for small problems regarding broadcasting while the runner is running except serious problems which jeopardize the broadcasting itself.

    7. RUNNERS LIST(LAST UPDATE  10:00 5th May 2018)

    Name         Broadcasting Site       Personal Best

    シュンっ        co2231373          1:01:01

    AB3         co3034912          1:42:00

    いいんちょ       co437491(also on Youtube)  1:54:30

    もぜ          co2141021          not measured yet

    めれんげ        co1640331          1:36:41

    Majika。     co2591762          1:08:17

    積丹          co2494647          1:52:57

    ろすと         co3398514          1:02:18

    エスエスじゃない    co2562003(also on Youtube) 1:21:07

    もなか         co3336627          not measured yet

    ニア          co1166393          1:42:04

    ないと         co1711698          1:05:43

    トリスたん       co2204225          1:25:33

    吉田馬場夢人      co1023130          0:58:15

    Argesh         Twitch(also on Youtube) 1:01:18



    たま@ぐーすけ(Tama)  co1022276
    (Tama will participate by TS)

    Tool Creator (Tools for advertizing and result announcing)

    Inakko (Please contact him if you have any questions or others in English. Twitter @Inakko123 )

    Not only expert runners, but also beginners are welcomed!
    We are looking forward to your participation!

    Demon's Souls Dragon Bone Smasher
    Real Time Attack 3rd Competition


    たま@ぐーすけ (Tama)